Here you’ll find some fabulous questions previous people have asked, and I managed to answer 

Is your glitter biodegradable?

Ah, yes, this question. I know this is complicated, but, the short answer is “yes”, though I know that when people ask the question they mean something different.

My Goop contains a combo of cosmetic PET and polyester glitters.  Both of which do degrade over the course of time. Here’s where it gets tricky though: Biodegradable glitter is sort of a term people coined online. It was originally called “eco glitter” or “bio” and then at some point someone changed the suffix to “degradable”  SO though it is true that “Biodegradable” glitters are quicker degrading, that doesn’t mean that glitter itself isn’t degradable. Truthfully, a lot of those articles were written by Authors with disdain for glitter fueling them.

That being said, I do plan on creating some fully bio (plant based) glitters in the future as an option but there are a couple of things to note. One is price: Bio Glitter is VERY pricy. To the point of potentially having to double my price points. Secondly: it does not sparkle as much as PET or poly glitters. So, not only would it be more expensive but it would also be a little less vibrant.

I get that this seems like I’m dismissive of environmental issues which I promise I am not. I use reusable straws, I recycle, I dont drink water from plastic bottles, I use a Brita filter for my water, etc. I promise I’m not a terrible person destroying the environment!


Is Glamour Goop safe?

This is another one of those questions I always get asked! AND it is another sort-of complicated answer. The REAL tea, is that the FDA will NOT approve glitter for use on the immediate eye area.

Any glitter makeup, or eyeshadow palette with a pressed glitter in it, will have a disclaimer “Not for use on the eye area” even though it’s in an EYEshadow Palette! You’ll even see models wearing it in promo pictures on their eyes.

SO, that all being said, I do wear my glitter on my eyes, and so do many of my customers, and no problems reported so far. Use at your own risk, and just be smart when applying and removing!