2022 Limited edition Kusha Bundle


Ya know, as your eyelids begin to droop, the better you can see the glitter on your eyes.

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This collection is LIT. (Ha. Get it? Of course you do) Includes:

“Budding Romance” Glamour Goop: A deep, heavenly strain of multi green glitters, golden accents, and a touch of that orange, recreating nature’s paint pallet of a miracle bud.

Get cross faded and top your look off with “Puff” a Potty Mouth gloss, a seductive green, with green and gold iridescent shimmer PACKED inside tighter than your evening bowls.

This collection will only be available for 20 hours, so get it while you CAN before this deal goes up in smoke.


Happy 4/20 however you choose to celebrate!

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Weight 4 oz